WordPress Blog Themes vs. Premium Themes

I just love WordPress. From giving users the opportunity to creatively express themselves, building a successful platform, and establishing an engaged audience, you really can achieve just about anything using it. In my years of experience as a designer and blogger myself, I’ve found that the key to actively engaging and holding your audience’s attention is with a gorgeous WordPress layout.

It may seem like such a simple concept, especially if you’ve been spending hours pouring over your keyboard or device wondering “What do I create?!” But it really is that simple. Of course, your content does matter, but have you ever noticed that there’s something about a stunning website that can sell you on just about any product or service (even if you may, admittedly, not need it)?

This is why I’m so excited to share the differences between WordPress Blog Themes vs. Premium Themes. This is a question I often get asked about by my clients and theme users alike, especially since they do seem very similar. However, they are diverse in application.

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Blog Themes

Starts at $28

Gutenberg Optimized

3 Layout Options

About Page

Contact Page

Shop My Faves

Link In Bio

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Premium Themes

Start at $49

Custom Homepage

Separate Blog Page

Category Index

Portfolio Page

Pricing Table/Service Page

WooCommerce Shop Page

everything in Blog themes Plus:

A Premium Theme allows you to have a separate blog page in addition to your other content. This type of site template is great for content creators, service-based users, or business owners who want to show off their brand and personality separately from a blog. Premium Themes also include a custom Home Page, portfolio page, a WooCommerce-compatible shop page, as well as additional templates for even more personalization options.

Premium WordPress Themes

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Blog Themes, on the other hand, are great for – you guessed it – bloggers! This theme style is exclusively for a blog page, so you can upload your best work and showcase it on a beautiful theme that matches your blogging style. This type of template has photo sliders and page showcasing, with layout options that are a little bit different with each theme. They offer various templates such as a Category Page, Instagram Page, Archive Page, and a Landing Page. Blog Themes are also typically Gutenberg compatible for even more customization options through WordPress. They’re simple, easy, and beautifully showcase your best and most recent blog posts.

WordPress Blog Theme

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I hope this clarifies any questions you may have about the difference between these two WordPress templates. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch. I’d love to be of assistance in any way I can.

Thanks for reading – happy Blogging and Content Posting!

WordPress Blog Themes vs. Premium Themes

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