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Hey y’all! I’m April!

Owner and creator of Studio Mommy. I adore reading (Sci-Fi and Romance are my great loves), singing, dancing, spending time with my family, and visual design – all while appreciating life’s beautiful moments. I’m here to help women independently build beautiful, self-expressive websites that mirror their blog, business, or brand personality.


Is The First Step

I know what it’s like to get started; I feel that beginning is the first (and most essential!) step. As a blogger myself, I was in beginner’s shoes once. Starting as a new mom who hired a website designer, I quickly discovered that I wanted to make it easy, convenient, and simple for anyone to start their own boss babe empire or develop their passion. I believe in the power of persistence!

4 Fun Facts About Me

I have 3 beautiful children. 2 girls and 1 boy.

My favorite book of all time is called “Providence” by Jamie McGuire.

I have an amazing husband that I've been married to since I was 18.

Pancho Villa is my Great, Great Grandfather.

Favorite Food


Fashion Style

Simple & Comfortable


Plants! I have 12+ inside the house. The kids tell me I have an addiction :)


We love animals. We have 3 dogs and a parakeet.

Red or White Wine

White! Pinot Grigio is my go to drink at the end of a hectic day.

Favorite TV Shows

Bridgerton &
The Witcher

Wanna Get Personal?

Premium Without
The Price

There are so many website designs out there, I know. What sets Studio Mommy apart is our ability to empower the modern creative and blossoming brands with user-friendly interfaces. Plus, our designs are premium without the price. Whether you’re a beginner new on the scene or a shining-star expert in your field, there’s a design here for you. Let’s take away the stress of getting started and…start! Are you ready? It’s time to build a website and life you love. 

You’ve put in the work to make awesome content, now it’s time to dress up your site with a stunning design.


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